Friday, November 14, 2014

Oh, right. Yarn blog.

Hi! Stuff has happened since my last post. Yarn kind of stuff, and non-yarn kind of stuff.

I knit this sweater in August! I wore it to Iceland in September! It stretched and slipped and is now enormous, because bamboo has a sense of humour that I just don't get! Oh well. I bought lots of yarn in Iceland, and it was an incredible, breathtaking vacation.

I got back from vacation and promptly fell into weeks of training. I learned lots. My brain and my body hurt from all I learned, but it was good. Very little was accomplished on the beekeeper quilt. It is resting, as my math kind from the last post kind of frightened me, and I need to regain my groove.

I finished two pairs of socks in the last couple of weeks, as my husband was giving me quite enthusiastic shit about seeming to always be buying new knitting needles. He's supportive, but will cheerfully pick on me, like a good hubbinbeast should. I had great plans on continuing to finish projects, but the yarn for the Hue Shift afghan just came in, and, well...I just cast it on. This'll be my new "track the progress" project. Just so you know how the blog should look, assuming I don't fall off the face of the earth for a few months again.

Monday, July 14, 2014

How crazy is this going to be? Pretty damn crazy.

It's been about a month since the last update, and I'm now up to 211 hexipuffs. Yay! I laid them all out, measured and then applied math...Oh dear. I'm currently at about 42"x25". If I want to make a blanket for a queen sized bed, I'm going to need between...let's say 750 and 1000 hexipuffs. Oh, my. Um. Longer term project than anticipated? Also, a friend asked on FB how much that would end up weighing. Weighing bags of 50 average out to about 220 g, and if I needed 1000 of them, that'd be just under 10 lbs of crazy. If I went for the more conservative 750, it'd still weigh over 7 lbs.  Righto. That's going to have to be contemplated at some point.

My thoughts on connecting them involve making "flowers" of 7 hexipuffs, then connecting those together. A secondary thought that my husband came up with would be to make the flowers, then join those together with either plain knitting or crochet, to allow the puffs to be a little more disperse.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Puff puff, pass?

130 thus far. I'm gonna need a lot more to make anything reasonably sized. Currently about 28"x22". NEED MOAR SOCK YARN.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

State of the hexipuffs

68 puffs. One full pair of socks, and four or five other pairs cast on. (I'm not even sure anymore.)

These remain super fun to make and are great for portable knitting. I'm going to need a whooooole lot more.

Monday, April 14, 2014


The hexipuffs are going very well. I joke with my husband that these are now my spoor; wherever I go, I leave teeny pillows behind me. I've been TA'ing a lot, and they are small enough to work on without being disruptive to the classes. (Lecture classes are hard to TA for. Lots of sitting for information I already know = prime knitting time.)

The amusing side effect is that I don't have as much scrap yarn as I thought I did. I was sure I had a plastic bag jam packed full of sock ends, but damn if I can find it. I do have a few remnants running around, but this means I've started to get creative. I have a skein of 50g of sock yarn that something weird happened to, where it just started to break at random points, so that's all going into the blanket. I had a sock that the washing machine ate a while back and I couldn't bear to throw out...I'm going to try to recycle it into hexipuff form, so I can remember it. I have a couple of pairs of socks that I knit that never quite worked for me. I'm eyeballing those, too. Daven asked why I didn't just buy more yarn (ha ha ha, like I need an excuse), and I think it is because I want this to be mostly a reminder and remainder project.

With that in mind, I need to start working on all of these sock projects I have roaming around. A. I need more socks and B. I need more remnants! Besides, these things are like constantly casting on toe up socks and I feel like I'm stiffing myself on the full sock experience. :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bzz bzz bzz...

I had a little falling down today, over at Ravelry. It involved the Beekeeper's Quilt. I've been looking at all of the lovely "use up your scrap sock yarn" quilt ideas out there, and they all kind of left me, well, flat. With that in mind, going three-dimensional seems like a better answer! I'm sure seaming it all up will be a PITA, but I have a LONG WAY to go before I have to worry about that. The little hexipuffs are super fun to make, quick and easy. There are tons of free pattern ideas if I get the urge to start doing fancy schmancy stuff.

So. Yeah. Little hexipuffs. My future is filled with a lot of them. That's one thing to do with the leftover bits of stuffing from the various quilts I've made. Fluffy blanket, we'll see how long it takes for me to get sick of you.