Thursday, December 17, 2009

Truth in Advertising

Ah, Ravelry. How I love some of the crazy shit people post to you.

To humiliate the Dog

What a thing to do to a canine companion.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why do I even ask?

My mother and I have had the same conversation multiple times.

"I'm knitting dad socks. What do you want?" "I want socks too!" "What colour?" "Black!" "Black sucks." "Blaaaack." "Aw, c'mon, you're killing me." "Blaaaaaaaaaaaack. Maybe white." *nrgh*

So, because I love my mother, I am going to take a pair of lovely teal and purple and blue socks off the needles (I'll put 'em on a stitch holder for later) and knit my mother a pair of blaaaaaaack socks.

Blaaaaaack. >_<

Sunday, December 6, 2009


We interrupt these wool reviews with the following news flash:

This is an awesome pattern. It is just the right amount of fiddly to demand your full attention until you get the hang of it, and has a few bits that are quite clever. It's a chatty pattern, but I had a heckuva good time knitting this today. The end result is super cute and squooshy. Hopefully the little person it is intended for likes it, too, or at least said wee person's parents do.

...I might have to make one of these in a Wendi size. The pattern could be translated into socks, too, for extra warm socks...ponder ponder.

Anyway, back to wool soon enough. I've stalled out on the fleece processing, as I'm spinning up some stuff I dyed last spring. I need to get back into that before my time is no longer my own again.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Review 3

Icelandic: This was an enjoyable chunk of fleece to process, but, hoo boy, is the reward limited. Half of the fleece is the hair, and the undercoat is very soft, but not much fun to spin. I wouldn't turn this down if it presented itself, but I don't think I'd actively seek it out again.

Welsh Mountain: Black and scritchy. This was ridiculously easy to process and it was begging to be spun. Pity about the scritchy aspect. This is also the sheddiest fleece I've worked with thus far. *shrug*

Romney: Oh, I am in love. I really enjoyed flick carding this long staple; taking something that looked ropey and tragic and making it giant and floofy was really fun! Once I figured out the trick of spinning this (which took a bit, and I finally broke out my drop spindle to get a better idea for how much spin vs. uptake was needed), I really enjoyed myself. The colour is shades of heather gray, and the end result of the yarn has a good squoosh to it. I will be on the lookout for a Romney fleece at MD S&W in May, as this would make a beautiful sweater.

Next in queue: Wensleydale. Curly, white, and somewhat filthy.