Monday, August 12, 2013

Yarns I have made.

First, the Tour De Fleece yarns:

 From Right to Left, because, yes, that's how it works:
468 yd purple superwash 2 ply merino blend
148 yd Green/pink weird fail coils
256 yd blue/grey single llama
332 yd Red single mystery wool
292 yd brown/grey Navajo plied mystery wool
112 & 114 yd hanks of pastel Navajo plied mohair (Darn, I guess I could have 2-plied those, after all.)
1722 yds total

And fun art yarn spinning from a class I took on Saturday!

From left to right (what, you wanted consistency?): 
Blue silk "caterpillar" yarn, 
purple/dusk/yellow cable/crepe yarn, 
ostrich feather inclusion yarn, 
wrap and roll (so fun! And finally a use for my drop spindle!), 
pigtail yarn with beads and
 triple pass/loopy boucle yarn.