Sunday, October 11, 2015


After 5 years of having our herd of yaks, they are going to be sold and move on to join other herds on October 21st. With the addition of Alaric, I have neither the time nor the inclination to give them the attention they need, and Daven's work may require travel in the future, so he won't always be available.

Yaks are neat animals. They are smart and affectionate, but they are also big and can really hurt you, even by accident. Daven ended up in the ER twice due to yak injuries, one of which involved a CAT scan, so...yeah, I'm not thrilled with short stuff being around critters that big that can be unpredictable. We're also batting around the idea of moving closer in to town, since I remember as a kid being sad that my friends wouldn't come visit my house, with it being so far out. Over an hour on the bus, it being a pain to stay after for any activities...I still want to raise him somewhere with a bit of land, but I can see the advantages of being in a more neighbourhood type setting. Most of my neighbours, though they are nice folks, are in the grandparent realm, rather than the parent realm, so there aren't any kids for him to possibly play with as he gets older.

The sale of the yaks is the first step towards possibly moving. I'll miss them, but I haven't been terribly close with them for a couple of years. I won't miss having to pay for lots of fodder, or having a hard time with getting a pet sitter if we wanted to go anywhere. I hope they have good lives in their new herds.