Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm crafting, honest!

Mental note: do not hit enter when in the Title, or it posts. Stupid interface.


I know I've been very quiet during my recovery time, with just the occasional jackass post from some horror that I've found on Ravelry. Fret not; I am also making with the creation process.

As HappyGoth found out for her birthday, I had evil plots involving neon coloured roving. Now that the gift has been delivered, I can make little happy noises. I admit, this didn't turn out quite as I wanted it to be; you can really tell the difference between the two bobbins in the colour changes, and it really fluffed out a lot when it was washed, but it's soft and petable, so I'll count it as a win. I've mostly spun very tightly thus far, I wanted to try something a little different. Of course, I'm a bit short-bus in that I decided to give that a go on some superwash, but with the amount of mohair in the blend, I couldn't resist letting it fluff a bit.

I'm currently spinning this, which I have plans for, if it works as intended.

Aside from the spinning (I only got back in front of the wheel yesterday), I've been knitting, of course.

My post-surgical knitting was an all-garter stitch extravaganza blanket wherein you change colours every row. It's a good way to use up a lot of crappy acrylic that I'll never use otherwise. It's also a fine project for those who are totally flying on Vicodin. Just sayin'. (Daven got to be amused at my tendency to fall asleep halfway through a row, and when I'd wake up, keep knitting like I'd not had a little nap. Drugs are fascinating.)

I started a onesie (Gah, is that right? Should that be "an"? That sounds horrid.) for the nephew, when my sister made the tactical error accepting "Smurfling" as a nickname for him. Ho ho! I'm totally re-knitting the onesie as a Smurf onesie instead, stopping at the neckline and knitting a seperate little hat. I just need to find/figure out a Smurf hat. I'm leaning towards using a Santa hat and making it more bloopy on the end and less pointed. It's pretty darn close.

I also have a knitting project dedicated entirely to working on when playing WoW, specifically during flights. (Alright, it's accompanied me to a couple of doctors visits, but not been worked on much there.) It's growing at an alarming rate, letting you know how much I've been playing WoW. What can I say; I'm a gimp, and when one's body fails you, you have to have some outlet for frustration. Killing murlocs fills that void. One can knit only so much.

Oh, and since I was terribly excited about the loom and then entirely silent about it afterwards, here's why: It got too easy. No, really. I was too efficient. So, after doing a length of straight weaving (albeit in stripes) long enough for a small rug, I blocked off some room for edging and started another rug. This one should be challenging enough, though I'm to the portion of the pattern where I only have 4 active shuttles instead of 5. Pish. I think it's turning out alright, for the first time I've ever done colour changes in weaving. Really, what it's all about is being pleased with your own work, and I am at this point. Yay for makin' stuff!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


More like Roadkill Dragon. (Again, non-ravelry users are SOL. It's sad, though.)