Monday, July 14, 2014

How crazy is this going to be? Pretty damn crazy.

It's been about a month since the last update, and I'm now up to 211 hexipuffs. Yay! I laid them all out, measured and then applied math...Oh dear. I'm currently at about 42"x25". If I want to make a blanket for a queen sized bed, I'm going to need between...let's say 750 and 1000 hexipuffs. Oh, my. Um. Longer term project than anticipated? Also, a friend asked on FB how much that would end up weighing. Weighing bags of 50 average out to about 220 g, and if I needed 1000 of them, that'd be just under 10 lbs of crazy. If I went for the more conservative 750, it'd still weigh over 7 lbs.  Righto. That's going to have to be contemplated at some point.

My thoughts on connecting them involve making "flowers" of 7 hexipuffs, then connecting those together. A secondary thought that my husband came up with would be to make the flowers, then join those together with either plain knitting or crochet, to allow the puffs to be a little more disperse.