Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ya gotta rippit, rippit...

So, as I'm no longer using a cane, I've taken pictures of several of my WiPs. Not the ones I'm actively working on, of course, because that'd be normal. No, these are the ones that have been sitting in boxes, sending out waves of guilt. I found the scarf I made with my third handspun yarn with just one sad end waiting to be woven in, and the cute tank-style shirt that I've already posted photos of on multiply still wanting to have the ends woven in so it can leave the house.

I also found a few things for the frog pond, and I'm working on ripping them out. A sock that I crocheted (don't ask, it was a long time ago) that will never have a mate, and the first handspun hat I made that just didn't work.

I of course forgot to photograph the grey sweater. But, hey, I don't know where the connector for my camera is. I said I'd take pictures, not that I'd post them! ...Fineeeeeeeee, I'll work on that. Later.

There was also some organizational work done; I've put the projects that are all organized on a shelf in the craft room/office and segregated the finished projects from the finished-bits-but-not-finished-projects.

Now I've been on my feet too much, so I'm going to start actually working on some stuff. House still needs organizing, but I'm cheerier just from making these small changes.

And for the record? I <3 cortisone shots. Screw you, cane!

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