Thursday, July 17, 2008

Small blessings

In the midst of this stupid knee thing (MRI on Tuesday, orthopedist appointment tomorrow), I've had to work from home, as sitting in chairs for very long isn't very much fun for me. Though they've found additional work for me to do remotely, in addition to my normal duties that I'm trying to keep up with via a Citrix connection, you know there's some knitting happening.

The mitered rug that turned into a blanket is slowly pluggin' along. It's 7 blocks long and currently 4 blocks wide...which translates to being about 6' long and 3.5' or so wide. It's still an entertaining knit, which is good, because it's a LONG knit. I'm planning on making a square, or go until I can't complete a long row of blocks. The upside is that I'm using up this boucle that I've been hauling around with me for years. I think I bought it a month or two after I moved back to the DC area, so that'd be nearly 4 years ago, and I continually failed to find a good use for it before. Also, this is *big* yarn that takes up a lot of stash space. Each skein is 11 oz and about a foot long by 5" tall, which, even when taking into account the squishability of yarn, is a lot of room. I initially only thought I had three, which would have made a tragically long and narrow blanket, but whilst digging around, I found three more of the blasted things, and now I should get a decent blankie out of it. I'm holding the three strands together to knit it on size 13 needles, thus why it's knitting up relatively quickly. It's definitely a stay-at-home project, with it's size.

Yesterday, as I was working on the other tasks that I was provided with, I was briefly amused to observe that I had four knitting projects within arm's length of me. My spinning wheel is right nearby too, but it taunts me. No knee = no treadling and no new yarn joy.

So, I view this as a prime opportunity to finish up some projects, as I'd discussed before. I can't be distracted by spinning or, you know, moving around, so knitting it is!

Again, photos of stuff will happen someday. I finished my fiery socks last week, and they're quite snazzy, in addition to that oft-mentioned but never photographed grey sweater.

Someday. When I'm not using a cane. *bitter about the cane*

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