Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pictures of things that have been finished!

 My tattoo was finally completed on 11/2! 24 total hours under the needle. Oy, vey.

 Longitudinal socks, with my always adored Zauberball, were knit sometime in September, I think.

 Just finished up this Nyan cat scarf this morning for my friend Megan. It is stupidly cute.

 Men's size 11 Longitudinal socks, finished on 10/28 for a classmate who always loudly admired my hand knit socks, and had the presence of mind to actually *ask for a pair*. He was proudly wearing them last Tuesday and declared them to be the best socks ever, and wondered how much another half dozen pairs would be. I made a o_O face.

 Yggdrasil blanket, on the needles for years, was finally finished! Yay!!!

 I broke out my dyes to mess with some yarn for the first time since I moved to CO.

This was the 4th place prize for the Hot Summer Knits yarn crawl I participated in! This would be the yarn that is dyed in the picture above. I need to do more dyeing!

And then there has been a ton of spinning. I'll get photos of that up eventually. I participated in the Tour De Fleece back in June and have fallen firmly back in love with my wheel. Whee!