Wednesday, November 11, 2015


From the Daven:

Yak wars: The Saga Continues....

On Saturday (11/7), the guy purchasing the yaks (hereafter: YakGuy) finally showed up, after four failed attempts. He then proceeded to drive in the one part of the pasture I warned him against, and got his truck & trailer bogged down in about 12" of mud. After a few hours of disgusting labor, we were able to get the truck unstuck, and he headed home.

On Monday, he came back. 1.75 hours of effort (still disgusting), and we freed the trailer. We got Squeaky, Millie, and Minnie loaded up. Kai & Maria were not having it. So we decided that YakGuy would take the 3, and come back later for the other two.

A few minutes after he left, YakGuy called me to say his truck was broken (stuck in 4-wheel drive Low, could not get above 25mph), and he was going to have to drop off the trailer & 3 yaks in my pasture. So, he came back. And I fixed his truck by punching it. Seriously, I punched a part of his truck, and it popped out of 4-wheel drive. Go me.

So, we are currently down to Kai & Maria, and YakGuy will acquire them in a few weeks.

Yak wars: Side Quests

1. YakGuy did not have his credit card, so had to ask if I had any cash so he could fill his truck up to drive home.

2. Kai was very angry, and charged straight at me down a chute (no room for me to move or get out of the way). Thankfully, Kai is a very good boy and likes me, because he slammed his face into a post in order to avoid goring me. He then skittered past me. If he had not moved his head, I would likely be dead, either from goring or having my sternum crushed.

So, this isn't really going as planned at all. At least no one was sent to the hospital, and we're down to just two yaks for the next 3'ish weeks. Oy, vey.

In other news, giant baby is wearing 18 month onesies and is painfully cute, though I am biased: