Saturday, July 26, 2008

"This I can promise, Sammael, for every one of you that falls, two shall arise. "

Why am I quoting Hellboy? Well, it seems that for every project I finish (that one is even blocked! Ooo!), two are cast on.

The Seizure socks continue at a fairly good clip, and my friend Colleen commented yesterday when she saw them that I could make some really fantastic gloves out of a modified version of the pattern. I'll have to work on that. *evil plotting commences*

So, those of you who knit may have seen this most recent cast on project coming. I'll do the math for you:

1 obsession with knitting mitered squares + 1 pregnant sister = ...

If you guessed the Baby Surprise Jacket, you'd be right!

I recently picked up Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Workshop" because I kept seeing these damn things floating around the web and I figured that since everyone had raved about her mad skillz, I should totally check her out. I've been a little too distracted knitting to read the book yet (what I have read was good, albeit basic), but I'll bring it with me on the Atlanta trip for some learnin'.

As to why I cast on another project...well, I'm loving the socks so much that I want to extend the knit a little bit. They are really just joyous to work on and I'm going to be sad when I'm done with them. Also, this morning I sat down on my couch to work on the last couple of squares for the blanket and had A Moment. You know the type. Where you are convinced you've done a good job, but when you review, something has gone terribly awry? Yeah. So, I knit the last three squares along the bottom of the blanket instead of the side. Argh. Nrgh.

I was good and pulled out the misplaced squares (I may have experienced a bout of un-ladylike language during that portion) and wound the newly-free-again yarn into a ball. I did finish about half of one of the squares along the side before I was overwhelmed by the "Feh". Clearly, I needed some new-project joy to bring me out my funk, so I went and scouted through all of my sock yarn and found some superwash (I love my sister; I'd never burden her with a hand-wash baby gift. That's just cruel.) that was appropriately boy-ish in colour and cast on. This is also flying along, and again, I am enchanted. Aaah, better. I'll still return to the blanket and try to finish the bastardly thing this weekend, but my spirits were raised sufficiently to re-knit what was torn out.

More spinning will be happening, too. I've been a good little spinner, and I've kept track of only spinning 15 minutes at a go, so my already screwed up knees don't worsen. The one that got the shot continues to improve, and so long as I don't accidentally overdose on painkillers again (yesterday was a long day), I have hopes that I'll be able to avoid the surgery that the Ortho was talking about yesterday.

As I'm supposed to do house-stuff in addition to the really important stuff (knitting & spinning, obviously), I'd best get to it. Tum is full of tasty steak and fresh pineapple, projects are waiting for me; time to work!

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Mildly Helpful Darcy said...

It's really cool to use buttons or snaps along the final join instead of seaming for the Baby Surprise, so you can open it up to show the construction. Otherwise you only get the surprise once :)