Thursday, July 24, 2008

One down, many to go...

Well, this one sort of counted as a WiP, as I'd cast something on with the yarn and torn it out at least half a dozen times before settling on this pattern. It is a gift, though, so no pics. Neener!

With that done, I had to cast on a new portable project. I was planning on knitting a pair of Jaywalkers since everyone but me has, but then I found these. Oh, yes. Mitered squares, which I'm just mad for currently. (The blanket is 5 blocks away from completion now. It'll be a big square of squares.)

The only thing that could make that pattern more obnoxious is that I'm using some of the yarn I dyed in May...the rainbow yarn.

I keep calling them my "seizure socks" as I'm pretty sure someone will have one from looking at these bastards. It is an incredibly fun knit, and I'm flying through the blocks.

So. Very. Horrifying.

I love obnoxious socks!


jocelyn said...

Those will be fabulous!

Mildly Helpful Darcy said...

I think the yarn will work great. Thought at first I thought you were going to make the "knit" mountain range banner on the link page :) Got really jealous of your mad skillz.