Saturday, July 5, 2008

Life requires constant adaptation

Thing the first: I seamed up the grey sweater last night at a 4th of July party. People were somewhere between amused, perplexed and encouraging. Why was I knitting at a party? Because I had to sit quietly, and I might as well be useful if I can't buzz around and be sociable.

Y'see, I've hurt my knee, and now I'm kind of gimpy. I don't know quite what I did, but it is making sort of liquidy popping noises when I go down stairs...or up stairs...and sometimes when I'm just walking. I'm going to give it a week to get better, and then I'll start the referal process required by HMO land to go to a specialist to check it out.

Why does this relate to fibre, aside from the fact I finally finished (ok, there are still ends to weave in...let's not be crazy here.) the sweater? *glances at her wheel* Yeaaaaah. None of that for me for a while. Which vexes me greatly, as I'm almost done with this spinning project and dammit, I just bought a nifty yarn measurererer and and...bah. *grumble*

Also, I got a leeettle enthusiastic with that rug I cast on... now it's going to be a blanket instead. It's just too warm and soft and nice to stand on, and as anyone who has stayed at my house can attest to, I somehow don't have sufficient warm blankets. I don't know how this happened; I think I gave too many away when I stopped crocheting.

At any rate...blanket instead of rug. Sweater almost done (someday there will be pictures). Lots of knitting, since spinning is out. Hopefully there won't be any other new curve balls thrown at me in the future. A girl can dream, can't I?

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