Thursday, September 18, 2008

*tink tink tink*

Some mornings, things just don't go as planned. I've been trying to make that little pirate knit hat for my future nephew and I'm currently on the 4th or 5th iteration of it. It keeps turning out too small. (The internet says that a newborn's skull measures about 14" on average! Unless I want my nephew to be a conehead, I need to work on my gauge a bit.) Today I grabbed bigger needles and swore I'd get it right...except that now I'm burnt out on it, despite the added cuteness of the changed pattern I'm using. The original skull and crossbones hat is out, new cuteness is in! Or it would be, if I were knitting it. Instead, I decided to work on a larger project that I've been dragging around with me for a while. Easy-peasy project, just two colours that intersect at one point.

The problem is that I'm a little sleep deprived, and therefore not very bright. That means that when I got to the colour change, I cheerfully twisted the yarn like a good little knitter and then picked back up the first colour and knit half a row before I noticed. I even followed the pattern, I just didn't look and notice that it wasn't the right yarn. Sigh. I guess there's a downside to being able to knit and read.

I mean, work hard. And stuff. Yeah. *shifty eyes* Hi Ted!

As an aside, the badger sporran was finished on Saturday in time to go to a party and horrify people. I'll take pictures and post them later. SO CUTE!


Mildly Helpful Darcy said...

I've found that knitting a baby hat in the largest size offered is a good idea. It may be too big at first, but will still fit a few months later when all the newborn stuff is too small.

braveharlot said...

The problem is that I'm not using a pattern with sizes available. As such, I'm just wingin' it. I've gone up two needle sizes, which should hopefully make enough of a difference for the blasted thing to not crush his wee little head.