Friday, September 26, 2008

I apparently blame a lot of things on others.

Like my recent burning desire for a loom. I blame someone who will remain nameless but knows who she is. Don't you, Ms. Posts-pictures-of-herself-measuring-out-warp?

I've been trolling eBay like mad. There are a few prospects, though they each have their downsides. Like the floor loom for really cheap...but you have to pick it up from NJ. Nrgh. Or the one that's in McLean, but it's just a table loom. I think that might be reasonable to scratch the itch and see if I'm still as in love with the craft as I once was.

Anyone want to buy me a loom? Pretty please? It'll help me with my long-term fantasies! When I was 15, I took a weaving course for a semester at school. I fell in love with it and proceeded to tell everyone that I was going to run away to the Scottish Highlands and become a professional weaver. Enh. Got one of the two done, though I came back. Now I just need a loom.

Yes, I do have a lap loom, but...well. Let's just say that I find it unfulfilling to my desires, 'k? Want more harnesses than one! Rigid harness for the lose! And it is damn awkward to try to use. Oh, right, I wasn't going to say why I didn't love it. Well, that's not everything, but it is a reasonable starting point.

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