Monday, September 8, 2008

Stuff! Also, Things! Well, mostly Things.

Thing one: I have decided Navajo plying is the spinning equivalent to turning the heel on a sock. Not terribly difficult once you get the hang of it, but it leaves you feeling terribly clever.

Thing two: Flick carding is fun. Cria fluff is static'y. Imagine trying to wrangle a particularly affectionate yet cantankerous cloud, and that's somewhat like trying to flick card this stuff.

Thing three: My fluff arrived! Or, at least the big order. I highly recommend these guys. The fibre is just To Die For. I need to get that 30lb bump now, please. Anyone got $400 laying about that they want to spend on fluff for me? *cute* In addition to the 100% Rambouillet (soo nice!), the silk/alpaca blend is just incredible. Again, very cloud like, and it just screams to be spun into laceweight. There was also a free sample (first hit's free!) of what I think is soysilk, though I'm not sure. The staple length is very uniform, but it's so soft and smooth...the little sample bit that I twisted between my fingers and let ply back on itself is thread. Just thread. Lovely lovely lovely.

Thing four: Uhh...There is no thing four. You get three things, and you'll like it!

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Mildly Helpful Darcy said...

There's all sorts of ways to combat the static. Try mixing water and a glub of conditioner in a spray bottle and very lightly spritz the fluff. Or maybe static guard? I've used it on my own hair...