Monday, February 8, 2010

We interrupt this radio silence with an important announcement.

Well, no. Not really. But I have been quieter than normal; nearly two months without a post seems a little excessive.

I'm going to try a new thing, though I'm not sure how well it'll work. I'll post everything that I've worked on/completed each month. Since I was a little slow out of the gates with this, these are the photos of everything I've done since around the first of the year.

Some of the spinning that I've worked on. I'm poking around at making more of the flame coloured good stuff.

Stuff That I dyed: Three hanks of sock yarn (the one with the red is a 10 yd hank, which was fascinating to wind off on my warping board, and will be an enormous PITA to turn into a ball once I start working with it) and three 100g hanks of ramboulliet fluff.

Adult Surprise Jacket. I'm not in love with the button holes so I'm putting some ties in to have it in more of a kimono closure. I also made the pockets deeper. There will be another photo of this next time, most likely.

Sweater for Daven. This has been slowly creeping along for the last couple of months. The front is done, and this is the back. I knit this in the round so I wouldn't have to do much finishing up, but going back and forth for the back is...boring. As Daven put it this afternoon "So long as it's done before next winter, I won't give you too much shit about this." OK, love. You'll have a sweater by then. Promise. :>

Socks! Yes, I've knit all of these since the first of the year.

I have a Sock Scheme (tm) that I stole whole cloth from the YarnHarlot, and I've set up a bunch of sock kits. And when I say "A bunch" I mean that I have more than 20 kits set up with the yarn and pattern matched up. The tricky bit was that every pattern is one that I have never knit before. I admit it, I'm a comfort knitter, which means I haven't been learning much lately. I'm sick of that, so, this is my new strategy. Also, because I'm a picky bastard and I didn't like any of the options available to me, I ended up merging several things together into an entirely new (to me) sock pattern. It is serious business when I drag things like Traditional Scandinavian Knitting out.

In addition to finishing the Adult Surprise sweater (I hate you, I-cord), I'm working on the second sock to match the solitary guy up above, I continue to plug along with the Daven Sweater (when that gets done, I'll probably have a nice image heavy post of it), and I've purchased a sweater kit that I couldn't resist. Though I'm not much of a social crafter, I think I'm going to try and make that sweater during the knitting Olympics. This would probably go better if I, oh, watched the Olympics (no telly reception, yes, on purpose), but such things have never stopped me before!

Unrelated to crafting: I am plotting about chickens when the summer comes. I'll probably ramble about that in the future, so be prepared.

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'drea said...

Great to see pics of your projects again! All looks beautiful...loved what you've been spinning, and your colors came out lovely. Excited to see more!