Wednesday, February 17, 2010

End of Day 6

Back to the colours! Fie on you, stockinette stitch of boring!

...Of course, tonight I was feeling pretty good about myself. "Yeah! I'm FLYIN' along!" You can see where this went. "So I need to cast off for the steek...2 rows ago." *cusses a lot* *tinks* I think I did more tinking tonight than knitting, between being mentally distracted and kind of crashy with waiting too long between meals. But, still, here we are.

I admit it. I have never steeked before. I am a little frightened. Let's hope that this totally normal thing that thousands of people do ALL THE TIME doesn't get totally messed up by yours truly.

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RattleFox said...

Elizabeth Zimmermann said it best: "Cut [the steek], then lie down in a darkened room for 15 minutes to recover. You will never fear to cut again." Cutting steeks is SUCH not a big deal! Just make sure to capture all the ends in the hem an you'll be A-OK.