Sunday, February 21, 2010

End of Day 9

So, the lion's share of the body is done, and the first sleeve is cast on.

Hilarious story. Apparently, when I ordered a set of size 5 interchangeable tips from KnitPicks, they sent me a pair in a size 5 container...but they're size 4. That means I knit the ENTIRE SWEATER in the wrong side needles.

Guess what? I. DO. NOT. CARE. There is nothing to be done about it, and at least it means that the poor thing is consistently screwed up. (OK, I care a little bit, but not enough to do anything about it. It does emphasize the fact that I need to order more *actual* size 5 needle tips, though.)

The fascinating part of today (because today was Challenging (tm)) was teaching myself the magic loop technique. Right, I'm a convert. I still love my DPNs, but I finally see what the fuss is about. I did the three inches of stockinette on the bottom of the cuff in what seemed like no time.

And whilst I'm cataloging my woes; you know that something has gone terribly badly when one's husband says "Uh...that's kind of ugly." in response to a portion of your knitting. Especially with my colour coordinated husband. For reasons that I do not understand, the kit wanted me to do a three needle cast off on the exterior of the sweater, with the teal'ish yarn. I was dubious, but by then I was so mentally fried that I just wanted to stop, so I followed through. Daven asked if that was a temporary cast off, and when he found out it was not, he made very unhappy noises. So, that means that I tore back the weird teal cast off and redid it with the dark blue. Much more cohesive. I think they meant it to be decorative, but mostly it just looked like poorly planned out crap.

The sleeve was an adventure, too. As I previously stated, I'm knitting the size 48 sweater. Well, the cuffs that go along with that are HUGE. Yes, I understand that you think that the person knitting the XXL is really enormous, but I've got tetchy little wrists. 6" wrists, people! Therefore, with the help of the handy husband-calculator, I figured out how fast my increases will have to be, as I'm making the smallest size cuffs, which fit just great, thankyouverymuch.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is less "beat my head against a wall" and more "tear ass through more stockinette on that sleeve". *fingers crossed*

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Aure said...

So you're saying your great big tracts o' land and your delicate wrists don't, somehow, belong to the same size pattern?