Monday, March 12, 2012

WIP - Second Session: Shading

Another 3 hours under the needle today. Seriously, I am amazed that this is part of me. It is fantastic. There was a guest artist from Switzerland working in the shop, and he was able to ID the various critters by name: Nidhogg, Ratatosk, Huginn and Muninn...I'm glad to know it was recognizable to others, but even if it isn't, it is a gorgeous piece of work. Sadly, no more updates until June, unless he has a cancellation. I think he's into it, so I'll just have to hold out hope for a phone call. :)

And I was totally screwed over by either the time change or my own incompetence. For whatever reason, google calendar and my phone did not have the same time on them, and I had chosen to trust my calendar. That was a mistake, and I was half an hour late to the session. I HATE being late; it is absolutely a pet peeve of mine, so I was a little twitchy to start off, but things settled in pretty well.

I can't wait until the next session!!

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