Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is the first quilt I've designed. It is for my nephew, who I keep buying shark stuff for. If it seems like it took me an unreasonably long time to get to this point, considering the last post was of the sharks together, let me tell you a little bit about why. See all of those nice horizontal blocks? Well, when I first put part of it together, I suddenly hated those. Couldn't stand 'em, just were boring and non-dynamic. So, hey! I'm going to put together with the blocks at a diagonal, so they will be diamonds! It will look like waves! Yes!

No. Math said "Oh ho, you foolish woman. You took great care in charting out the horizontal version, and randomly decided to change things up at the last minute on a whim. For this vanity, you shall be punished." And yea, verily, I was. I got three of the sharks together (ripping apart all of the bits around the fins so that there would be diamonds instead of triangles) when suddenly the math went entirely off the rails. I'm not entirely certain what happened, but it was bad. After staring at it and cursing a great deal, I ended up tearing it out. Everything but the fish and sharks themselves, and then going back to the original design, which, funnily enough, worked just fine. Now that it is together, I think it is cute, and think the diamond version might have been a little too busy, what with that super busy (but adorable) border.

I'm still debating as to if I want to embroider little faces on the fish, or add white felt teeth to the sharks. What do you think?

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