Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 3

Finished up the sleeves (I maintain that steeked sleeves look like crotchless leggings until you cut them apart), finished my travel knitting (the scarf) and cast on for the body. Also, because I love to torture myself, I did some simple math. See that teeny tiny little bit of ribbing that is the bottom band? Just the ribbing part is over 7000 stitches, on size 0 needles. Check me out *not* discouraging myself by doing the rest of the math, lest I fall upon my needles and knit no more.

So, yeah. This is a weekly status of the sweater, and if I finish anything else, it gets screen time, too.


RattleFox said...

Love the scarf, but just how much of that zauberball yarn did you buy?? I know this isn't the first thing I've seen from you in that colorway :)

braveharlot said...

I think I had 3 or 4 balls of it. It is all gone now. :( That was a quick and fun brain dead knit; I find myself thinking about knitting another one with different yarn.

risa said...

damn, pretty!!