Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pet Peeve

You know what I want?

I want a knitting book that shows what a finished product looks like. I want to see it from the front, and I want to see it from the back. A side shot would be nice.

You know what I don't want?

An extreme close-up on a sleeve, rather than showing me what the HELL the *whole* damn thing looks like.

Artistry has its place, and hooray for having interesting shots, but don't sacrifice showing me what the fuck I'm making for an artsy shot that tells me nothing about the finished product.


Laura said...

You know what the Chicken Goddess's wisdom is in this situation?

"Beware patterns that are presented using arty shots, for they are poorly written and hide a badly-fitting garment."

Same for models in weird poses. If you've got to stand on one leg with your arm behind your head and the other holding the opposite ear, then there's something wrong with the garment.

RattleFox said...

This is especially important if there is something odd about one section, like a series of offset increases. Give us a freakin picture that we can actually use!! And I second the "models in weird poses" comment. I think it was the adult surprise, or mitred mozart, or something that looked awesome in the photos - but in real life looked like a bulky lunch sack. But that's why we have Ravelry! To see real-sized people in real-life poses under real lighting. I swear I don't begin *any* project anymore without going through its Project pages.

EyeceKnits said...

The number of magazine and e-zine shots I see these days where the model is holding her hand flat at her belly, to press the fronts of the cardigan flat and keep them in place. Every magazine has one. This should not be required, or the cardigan needs a button or a belt or some shaping or border. I always think "Wow, pretty. Bet it doesn't lay right *at all*"