Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Puffs, pic, pregnancy, projects

Puff count: 406. Binge watching Face Off has been great for my hexipuff production. I really need to clear off the guest bed and lay them all out so I can get a feel for how big this is thus far.

Pic of the wee Viking's sweater:

Pregnancy: Amazingly, the placenta previa that I've been stressed and :( about since the 9 week mark has actually resolved itself. This is awesome news, as it takes me from being a high risk pregnancy to a regular pregnancy. Hells. Yes. :D Also, somewhat astonishingly, I'm only 2 weeks out from the third trimester. The time has gone WOOSH.

Projects: Well, more of the puffs, obviously, but also another baby sweater; maybe this one will be less enormous when it is done. Also, I finished most of the main quilting for the baby quilt; I need to put a border on it and do a bit more edge work, but it is boppin' along. I'm also periodically poking at the Fox Paws pattern, in scarf format, made out of some of my kool-aid dyed yarn. I have a pair of toe up socks knit on a long dpn at work that I poke at whilst people are filling out paperwork, or I'm waiting for clients, as well. So, as usual, lots of stuff going on. And never you mind the classes I'm prepping for and teaching. Phys 1 is going well on its first run through, which is nice for my confidence. Another session of Phys 1 and two of Phys 2 will be spinning up between now and my due date. Oh, AND (there are so many ands) I finished my Reiki master training this last weekend with a 3 day retreat. I has a busy, not even counting my whole "running my own small business" thing. Is good. Am happy. Am also very tired. Yes yes. Tired.

One last and: We did sell two of the yaks. Our big boy Grunt went off to be a stud at a bigger herd, and his godsawful mean offspring Monster went off to no longer trouble anyone. Yes, it was hard to sell one of my critters for meat purposes, but dear gods. What an unpleasant beastie. A herd of 5 instead of 7 should hopefully allow the land to recover a little bit from overgrazing. They seem much more mellow with Monster gone, and generally fewer bulls to compete with. We are likely still going to sell Maria in a few months to join another herd; we'll see where we're at in May.

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