Friday, June 15, 2012

House Yaks. They are a thing.

Maria, our first heifer to give birth, rejected her baby. I have more adorable photos of the day he was born, but the really relevant part is that he was rejected and I managed to snag him and now I have a house yak. I speculate that Maria's milk didn't come in. I came home from school yesterday to find the rest of the herd in the paddock, and this little guy standing very far away (out of eyesight) from the rest, next to the water tank, looking wobbly and lost. I'm extremely thankful that he was close enough to the fence that I was able to grab him and drag him through, as his tummy was tragically empty. I've never heard a critter's tummy growl before! 

He has no official name for the first week, since he could still go downhill, so I'm generally calling him "Squeaky". Yup. Squeaky the House Yak. 

 And since Blogger won't let me upload it here, this is the video of why I call him "Squeaky".

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