Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fishes and trees

My world is fixated on blankets right now. I've been designing a quilt for my nephew for longer than I'd like to admit, and after deciding that no, this is not a new breed of self-finishing project, I brought it back out and did the hard parts. I'm debating if I want to sew or draw little faces on these guys or not. Keep in mind, it is intended for a 3 year old. The grey, red, yellow and green are all flannel, for a little contrast in touching the blanket.


Sharks! (The tail was a particular PITA, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.)

And a now-already-outdated pic of the Yggdrasil blanket I'm working on. Finished the leaf border a couple of days ago, and I'm doing another cream stockinette border before finishing it off with the grey knotwork. I'm messing with this border a bit to try to make the finished blanket a rectangle instead of a square. It looks a little strange and lumpy around the middle, but I'm hoping that'll block out. Blocking this will be exciting, since I don't actually have anywhere larger than a queen size bed to block on. Ah, well. I'll worry about that more when I'm closer to finishing.

Edited to add: It was only after I posted these pictures and thought "ah, just squares left on the middle part of the quilt!" that I had that Bad Feeling(TM). Upon checking, I found that yes, all of the sharks were made to be facing the same way, when two of the 4 needed to point the other way. Stupid non-interchangeable shark faces. *tears them apart, fixes and puts back together*

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Unknown said...

Holy Crap, do I like that last blanket! Like, a lot ... way, way, way a lot. That is a seriously beautiful piece of work!