Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ah, Spring!

When a girl's thoughts turn to...working on that big heavy sweater of Daven's. I'm blaming it on the fact that I came across it again when I was packing up. I finally finished the back last night (with about 3" extra knitting to accommodate for Daven's Mighty Shoulders), and now I can finally get started on the (stupidly long) arms. At least those won't be as ridiculously hot to work on during the drive to CO, even if Daven has monkey arms that take forever to knit for.

Socks continue, of course, as well. I'll get the April work shots up eventually; probably after I clear off the guest bed enough to take a picture of the blanket that I finished. (I realize the majority of people who even read this blog have already seen it in person, but it's so I can remember what I make. Some months I feel so unproductive, it is nice to see that I really am making a lot of stuff.)

Now, off to pack up the couch to give to Dave and Britt. The next week will be crazy. More non-knitting stuff will likely leak into the blog, but don't worry, I'll stay pretty fixated.

Also, hi to the lovely lady who found me via Pioneer Woman! *wave* Yes, we totally need to teach Ree to knit. You know, in her copious amounts of spare time. *grin*

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Eyece said...

Either that, or we just have to bury her in squooshy yarn until she succumbs.