Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No strings attached.

So, in the effort to diversify a little bit around the blog, I'm going to be putting down my thoughts on the whole "farm" thing, too. The yarn talk will continue, but this will track what's going on as I transition to CO farm chick.

Speaking of chicks...I placed an order with McMurray Hatchery last night. 5 Barred Plymouth Rocks, 2 Black Stars and 3 Rhode Island Reds, all hens. 4 "straight run" silkies, 2 black and 2 white. (These are clearly pet chickens, but they are so cute. Daven keeps calling them alpaca chickens, so they had to come along.) And just to keep my life complicated...a variety pack of 25 meat roosters. I figure I'd like to try a bunch of different breeds. Yes, as of last night, I've locked myself into killing and eating a bunch of birds. I've already asked my parents to come down to help with butchering, since they raised chickens when I was growing up, and I certainly remember slaughter time. We'll be doing things a little differently, or at least that's the plan. More about that, later. I'll give warnings before launching into (literal!) gory details.

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