Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh, hey, a blog!

A tragically neglected blog! Sorry about that.

There were a couple of weeks in ND that involved a bit of knitting (made a pair of socks for my dad, got a pair requested from my mother, worked on The Baby Project, and knit on another pair of socks that I'm still pokin' at), a bit of spindling, but mostly socialization and sickness. These things happen.

Once we got back, I had a couple of weeks of solid funk that didn't leave me terribly creative. That has now passed! Yay! The previously mentioned socks are around the heel, and slowly creeping down the foot. I went on a yarn crawl with HappyGoth yesterday that was a heckuva lot of fun. It was fabulous, especially since it followed directly on the heels of a Christmas Day spent drinking and fibre geeking with my lovely sister-in-law. Plots are in place for more visitation, as we always have a smashing time together. (And that goes for both of them; hooray for having friends to geek with!)

I've been back in front of my spinning wheel. Though my PT hasn't been fantastic, and has often left me exhausted and in a lot of pain for days on end, there is one excellent result: I can spin with both feet again. Woo-fuckin'-hoo! About damn time, I've been spinning with one foot for the last umpteen months, and that's just sub-optimal on a double treadle design.

I've also started dyeing fibre. A Lot. I ordered a ridiculous amount of fluff that should be arriving in a couple of days. As Darcy happens to have good connections, I'm also getting my hot little hands on a drum carder. My house continues to devolve into the Den 'o Fibre, and so long as Daven keeps being supportive (which he is, amazingly so. Love love love!), I'll keep on rolling along, embracing my crazy. :)

One thing that I need, however, is accountability. I tried this a while ago with Ravelry, and that got messed up when I moved. I'll try to get a running tally of projects updated in the very near future so that I can know what I've got on the needles already before casting on another forty Neat New Things. We'll see how that goes.

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