Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moving is revealing.

So, in the midst of packing up all of our stuff to move from house A to house B (which I persist in thinking of as the "Crazy House" due to it's funky level setup), I've had a chance to review and handle nearly everything I've got on the needles.


There's a lot of projects that I started and wandered off from. I'm meaning at least two or three good sized boxes of cast-on-get-distracted. It did finally guilt me into finishing the sleeve of a sweater I'd been waiting to knit itself for the last several months...I can't imagine why that strategy didn't work. Funny how much faster things get done if you work on them. Now I've got all of the bits done (yes, I put the project down with the front, back and one sleeve done, and the second sleeve about 3/4 of the way complete), actually finishing it is going to be my top crafting priority in the Crazy House. But after that (between bouts of spinning), I need to FINISH some of these damn pieces. Starteritis is all well and good, but there has to be a case of finishitis.

The current plan is to photograph all of these items and post them on my Flickr account to keep myself accountable. It's somewhat embarrassing how many there are, and hopefully it will motivate me to complete some of these , or send them to the frog pond.

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